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Bask in confidence
and reclaim irresistible.

How you feel is what you project. So bask in confidence…
and be your sexiest self.

That’s what Kalao® Feminine Bloom is all about. Our restorative vaginal suppositories balance and replenish your most private parts—and install a lasting, delightful freshness. Best of all, everything in our proprietary blend is completely natural: from herbs to botanicals that produce comfort where it matters most. Odor? Gone. Itchiness: banished. Our products work rapidly to re-stabilize your pH levels, and eliminate pesky and painful imbalances that make life a bummer.

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All-in-one feminine care

Your free time is precious. And while looking after your feminine health is key to feeling your best, you don’t want to spend every spare moment juggling your circus of personal hygiene products. Kalao’s treatment is an all-in-one, leaving your bathroom shelves (and your mind!) a whole lot lighter.

  • Gets rid of unpleasant intimate odor

  • Calms vaginal itch and irritation

  • Naturally tones and tightens

  • Fights yeast growth

  • Restores vaginal pH balance

  • Puts a spring in your step

Natural Ingredients

Unique and hand-picked, Kalao vaginal suppositories' natural blend of herbs and botanicals give you the power to enhance your feminine health-- in the comfort of your own home. Our well-researched combination provides a holistic, long lasting treatment.

Revitalize yourself…and watch your sex life bloom


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Sometimes you burn. Sometimes you itch. Sometimes you just don't smell so fresh.. And it feels like there’s nothing you can do. Whether you have a yeast infection, vaginitis, or another private imbalance, it’s impacting your comfort, your confidence, and your sex life.
Time to take charge.


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Kalao Feminine Bloom combines all-natural herbs and botanicals that restore your most beautiful parts to their healthiest state. With proven tightening, soothing, and balancing effects, it works to calm what’s been irritated—so you can feel sexy and free.


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You’re comfortable, confident, and satisfied—in the bedroom and out.
Embrace the liberation, and leave your smile on.

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